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Grants for organisations

Please note: With close to £2.5m awarded to 53 organisations throughout the UK in order to improve the quality of life of Holocaust survivors and refugees, our standard grants for organisations scheme is closed to new applicants so that we can focus on grants to individuals and SPF Connect before we close. Our small grants for organisations scheme remains open.

Our small grants scheme is open on a rolling basis to applicants applying for a maximum of £2,500 per project.  We expect that small grants will support projects such as day trips, workshops, special events as well as minor capital costs.

What are the grants for?

Small grants for organisations are for costs associated with specific welfare projects (which can be an extension of an existing project or a new idea) that enhance the lives of UK resident Jewish Holocaust survivors and refugees in challenging economic circumstances:

  • Income of under £10k per annum (excluding any pensions or social security payments)
  • Assets of under £32k per annum (excluding a primary residence and a car).

We have a keen and urgent interest in reaching out to those who meet our criteria and who are not currently receiving any support.  We very much welcome applications that meet this key objective.

How to apply

We only fund UK-based registered charities.  If the organisation is not a registered charity but would otherwise meet our criteria, please contact us to discuss it.

Organisations which offer a range of services, sometimes in different parts of the UK, can apply for more than one project at the same time.  Each project requires a separate application form.  All grant recipients are subject to reasonable monitoring and evaluation requirements.

Please read Guidelines for Small Grants for Organisations before applying.

Download Small Grants Application form for organisations

(Please note all forms are made in MS Word 2010. If you cannot edit the form please request a compatible version.)

Community discussion and publicity about the new kitchen and the Six Point Foundation grant has raised the profile of our kosher meal services in Liverpool. The recent Chanukah party was a very successful event and full to capacity.

Merseyside Jewish Community Care, Liverpool on its grant to refurbish their kosher kitchen

Everything is going very well here, and much appreciated by the survivors… More of them are able to attend because of the additional transport funding provided by the Foundation, which really is excellent.

The National Holocaust Centre and Museum on its grant to provide extra transport for survivors to attend the centre